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Monday, May 22, 2017

It happens (Psalms edition)

So, here's the reading for today. 

138. Psalms 26, 40, 58, 61-62, 64
139. 2 Samuel 19-21
140. Psalms 5, 38, 41-42
141. 2 Samuel 22-23; Psalm 57

First, David's Song of Praise, identified in the NVI as Salmo de David, from 2 Samuel 22 is completely a psalm.  Longer that those found in Psalms.  It is unabashed praise for God and God's justice. 

Psalms 57 through 64 seem to come from someone under attack.  Psalm 57 has a plea for God's help.  Psalm 58 specifically calls on God to bring down violence on the psalmists enemies.

Psalms 38 through 41 are about waiting for God.  Psalm 42 jumps out, as usual, because it is a hymn

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