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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Job 24-28

"¡pero Dios ni se da por enterado!/But God charges no one with wrongdoing."  Job 24:12.

Job's list of horribleness that goes unpunished in chapter 24 strikes me as a general social grievance against mistreatment of the poor, rather than a manifestation of individual suffering.  It concludes with the verse above.  He begins the passage by using the "Todopoderoso/Almighty" to identify God.  (P.S. it is interesting how reading Almighty in another language focusing me on the meaning of the phrase and the emphasis on Power.)  It takes me back to an earlier verse, that I underlined but forgot to include in that day's entry, "¿Quién es el Todopoderoso, para que le sirvamos?/Who is the Almighty that we should serve him?"  Job 21:15.  Big questions.

Interesting Note: It is fun how your brain will find things that are not there.  Here's another passage that seems to point to Jesus.  "¿Cómo puede alegar pureza quien ha nacido de mujer?/How can one born of woman be pure?"  Job 25:4.  I sincerely think this passage and the earlier one have as much to do with Jesus as the Man-in-Moon is an intentionally created face.  I point them out to keep myself alert for when my overactive pattern seeking rears it head in less obvious situations.

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Matt Dick said...

Yeah, I think "one born of woman" is not really anything meaning "as opposed to one born not of woman" but mostly just "a mortal person".