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Friday, January 07, 2011

Living in Harmony

I prefer the idea of living in harmony to the notion of tolerance. Tolerance is better than intolerance but I don't think it is enough, and I don't think it is what citizens of the Kingdom are expected to exhibit.

A mental fragment floating around my head today comes from my Sunday school class reading Sam Harris's "End of Faith." I think it is fair to say an important point for Harris is that religon adherents can only get along with other adherents if they betray their principles. Another brain crumb comes from hearing on the radio that the executive who fired Juan Williams for saying he was scared to fly with Muslims who dress like Muslims, resigned after having her 2010 bonus withheld as punishment for handling things poorly. In the story, Juan Williams called her a bigot.

This Paul Moses piece on CNN.com, which includes the story about Francis of Assisi visiting the son of Saladin in 1219, was nice to read given the debris that had collected in my mind. It doesn't prove that Muslims and Christians always get along. Heck, the story takes place in the middle of a cruscade. But I think it does provide at least a few data points that conflict with our standard anti-Muslim narrative. His book pictured on the left might be worth a read.

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