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Friday, August 27, 2010

Minor Outrage

I was reading the introduction to a work by Willa Cather. The short biographical essay contained in the Great Book of Western Civilization* noted that Ms. Cather wore short hair when she went to college and that she had several meaning friendships with women. C'mon. Really?

According to Wikipedia there is some serious controversy over whether this author was a lesbian. It is wrong to cover up the sexual orientation of gay artists, but it is also wrong to state as fact that an artist is gay based on rumors. So, I get being balanced in presenting the information. But, she had short hair?!? What an obnoxious way to signal that she may have been gay. Give me a break.

*These books are published by Encyclopedia Britanica, which may make the decision to so obliquely reference the author's sexuality more or less offensive.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Big Year

This Saturday we will have the first event in a pretty big year for the Bartons. 2010 marks ten years in Arizona and ten years in the same house, going to the same church. This month marks ten years of Pat working at Desert Shadows. And this Saturday, JamesIII turns sixteen. In November, Katherine will turn thirteen and make Pat and I parents to only teenagers. Finally, in December I turn 40. That's a lot of stuff in four months, isn't it?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Internet Bias

The searchable internet, the ideas accessible from google etc., has weird biases. They are not the product of a human consciousness. Instead, they are biases that reflect the number, or perhaps the enthusiasm of adherents to certain ideas. Christian fundamentalists and political christianists dominate the internet on questions of faith. My previous post is a good example. There is no controversy over whether the bible was written by many different people. It is plain as day from the text that there are different authors. Nonetheless, if you start with google, you are led to believe that JEPD sources is some sort of radical heresy adopted by demonic academics. Is there a response to this? How do we live in a world of so much misinformation?

Monday, August 23, 2010


Here is what one website says about JEPD understanding of the authorship of the Bible. "JEDP Theory is a popular academic idea with several lines of weak and unimpressive evidence. Though it enjoys support from a wide range of scholars and remains the accepted theory of the authorship of the Pentateuch, it sits on a poorly constructed foundation and need not be accepted."

Ug. All facts are theories now. I wanted to post something quick about this, but a google search revealed only fundamentalist christianists "debunking" the very strong academic research into the source of scripture. I guess I'll have to post again about it when I have time to find something from a respected source that has fewer hits.