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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Maps and Timelines

I think Matt Dick provided this link to me first. It is interesting to review having just read about Israel's various exiles, but it is also important to consider when we talk about how the fighting in the Middle East has been going on forever. It seems the biggest reason for that is that it is in, you know, the middle. Click and below and come back to comment on how crazy this illustration is.

Maps of War.

And here is a timeline of the Books of the Bible that is pretty cool.


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Matt Dick said...

It might have been me that sent you the first map(s). The one thing that strikes me every time is that the Mongol Empire is like a joke thrown in there to prove how provincial wars are, most of the time.

But the take home message really is clear--you don't get good, progressive societies from sacred sites that have changed hands by violence 25 times in 3,000 years.