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Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 46 (Power Struggle)

[Reaction to the One Year Bible's May 19-21 readings]

I need to do some catching up here, so I apologize for no links. I'm going from memory from my lunchtime reading. In 1 Samuel, we read about the death of Samuel, but he seems to have long since fallen to a second class leader. By the time of his death it is between Saul and David. The difference between them is not actually that clear. I guess David has not yet sinned against God, but he mostly seems like a better warrior. Also, he has twice passed on opportunities to kill Saul.

In John, Jesus continues to openly spar with "the Jews," which I take to be church leaders. It occurs to me that if you were alive during the time of these events, it would be very difficult to know who to follow.

You can find the readings by linking to the picture of the One Year Bible on the right.

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