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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A Question for the Year

How can one change what one wants?


Matt Dick said...

You can act like you want what you want to want. I believe it's possible.

Susan said...

I found this a strange question. I realize that I have had many disappointments in the last 6 years. For myself, for others, very big and very small. This has led me not to put too much emotion into my wants. I have wants and then they don't happen. I have plans - they get screwed up. I have hopes, they are dashed. I don't find it practical to have too many wants and I have learned to be very flexible with my wants. The more specific the less likely I will get what I want.

I kind of agree with Matt - I think I tailor my wants to my reality and that is helpful.

Lin said...

Sometimes, but not always, if we try the thing we want to want, we discover a reason to want it, and then our wants actually change.

JimII said...

Interesting stuff about forming good habits. Maybe they eventually alter your desire. Maybe if it is truly a good habit that comes more easily.

Susan, thanks for your comment. It opened my eyes to how desire can be the source of suffering even when the desire is not itself wicked or harmful, but when the desire can never be fulfilled. Tailoring our wants to reality, that is some food for thought indeed.

Josh Gentry said...
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