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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

For Matt

Notice in this statue how the Bodhisattva's garment does not naturally curve around its legs. Don't you think this suggests a magical nature of the Bodhisattva?


Matt Dick said...

This is so fantastic I can barely stand it.

Yes, it's *damned* magical!

Damn it!

Matt Dick said...

And by the way, it's the ridges for folds that make it magical, not the lay of the fabric. Geez, no wonder you didn't think it was magical.


JimII said...

Yes, that is exactly my problem with this analysis of this statue. I wasn't looking at the magical ridges.

Suck up.

Anonymous said...

Notice how everyone else is staying away from this one?

JimII said...

Well, I did title the post "For Matt".

Here's the story: Matt & I took a class together at Northwestern titled, "Buddhist Art History". This was actually how Matt & I met, although it wasn't the start of our friendship. In the main plot line of the sitcom that is my life, Matt & I met in the second season. This Art History class would only be revealed in a flashback episode.

Anyway, the class was horrible an included many, many silly comments from the instructor. One of them, to a slide of a statue that looked very much like the one in this post, was that the ridges the fabric (I guess) standing up showed that the figure has magical powers. I suggested that maybe the unrealistic nature of the fabric was a limitation of the artists ability rather than communicating the magical nature of the statue. Matt, and the rest of the class, wisely sided with the professor.

I stand by my original position.