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Friday, August 08, 2008

Kennedy, Clinton & Edwards

CNN is reporting a story about to be reported on ABC that John Edwards had an extramarital affair with a woman who was making documentary films for his campaign. Link.

This saddens me. Why should it? It doesn't mean John Edwards was less of a populist. It doesn't mean he would have been a worse president. I preferred Obama over Edwards from early on. But, I nonetheless feel sad to read this story.

It occurs to me that this story touches on a difference between Matt and I that I think is probably applicable more generally: but I can't figure out the general groups. I worry about what people should do.

People: I concern myself with people generally. Not my family, not my friends, but human beings in general.

Should do: I bother myself with what they should do. Not what the law should be. For example, I don't want adultery to be illegal. And not how it affects me.

Result: I have such a strong opinion about whether it was good for John Edwards to allow passion or infatuation or ego to overcome him, that it makes me personally sad to see he chose poorly by my estimation. I remember finding out that the Lewinsky story was for real, and being devastated.

I wonder how others feel.