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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Getting it Wright

After his faith footnote, Wright returned to a less political reflection, saying, "Now, now. C'mon back to my question to the Lord, 'What should our response be right now?'" [full text] After recount the surreal experience of being in NYC when no flights were leaving, and recounting some of the horrors of the terrorism in NYC, Wright continues, "I read what the people of faith felt in 551BC. But this is a different time, this is a different enemy, a different world, a different terror. This is a different reality. What should our response be."
"The Lord showed [Rev. Wright] that this is a time for self-examination," and specifically "the Lord said, this aint the time for you to be examining other folks relationship this is a time of self examination."

This is exactly what my preachers were saying in that time. The thrust of this sermon is to ask Americans to pause before moving on to anger. It was intended to remind them of the log in their eye and the blood on their hands. I understand Obama's response to this sermon, and others like it. I think at the point of his Philadelphia speech it made sense to denounce the implication that American's deserved 9/11 but not to denounce the man who is much more than those comments.

Next, I will look at the more recent statements that Wright made in direct response to the controversy. These public comments were intended for media consumption, and for that reason I am inclined to treat them differently. You can find links to those comments, and an informed point of view from Dr. Bob Howard in the comments to my last post on the topic.