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Monday, December 01, 2008

What's a Christian Measure of Economic Health

There are many measures of economic health. For example, here is an article collecting four: Per Capita Income, Percent of population 50 percent below the poverty line, Federal Debt in dollars, Federal Debt as a Fraction of GDP.

A couple of more rough measures are unemployment: and GDP (I added the light red & light blue squares for Republican & Democratic regimes):So, first off, it is kind of like when you go back and look at Babe Ruth's stats, you realize that Babe Ruth really was the most dominant baseball player ever, period. Similarly, Bill Clinton presided over a remarkable period of economic growth that everyone shared in. Debt went down, those living in poverty went down, unemployment went down. Man.

Anyway, with which of these metrics should a Christian be concerned? Are they all equal. It does look like they trend together. Am I missing one?

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