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Monday, December 29, 2008

JimII Becomes Famous

On Friday, December 26, the Republic printed my letter. You can find it and the insightful and thoughtful comments on it here. Curiously they cut my closing sentence where I pointed out that the Mormons have often been the subject of unfair attack. Perhaps he could have been misunderstood.

Also, the podcast of Stephen L. Gibon's interview with Matt & I went up yesterday. If you go to the Truth-Driven Thinking website the podcasts are about in the middle of the page. We are described as Theist/Non-theist friends, which is true but kind of funny to read.


Matt Dick said...

You sound good, but that friend of yours is a genius! Is he single?

JimII said...

He's married, but I would never be so bigoted as to rule out his openness to a polyamorous relationship.

bmckenzie1 said...

Jim and Matt,

I listened to the S. Gibson's podcast featuring both of you. It is inspiring to know that friendships and discussions such as yours can exist. It seems very rare in my world. I appreciate the opportunity to expand my world through these communities.

Matt Dick said...

Well that's exciting to hear! I'm glad you liked it. Have you read Truth-driven Thinking or A Secret of the Universe? They are really thought-provoking books and I recommend them.

Thanks for listening!

Josh Gentry said...

Sheesh, I get a little behind on my blog reading, and when I make it back to yours you've gone and gotten famous.

Read the letter. Haven't made it to the podcast yet. Thought the letter was good.

Lin said...

LOVED the podcast! Just listened today. Matt, it was fun hearing your voice, getting a better sense of you. What a treat hearing the respect between the two of you. Jim, my understanding deepens about the reverence you and Pat have for your college friendships. Those connections are golden.

Now I need to read the book.