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Friday, November 28, 2008

New Logo

Matt said my old logo for Chalice Christian Justice Ministries looked like Communist Propoganda and/or skin head art. What do folks think of my modification? The old version is first. [Updated to address Liam's suggestion]


shadowfax said...

Better. The most important modification, I think, was that the fist is now less angular, with softer curves and corners. Matt was right on the first one, BTW -- very evocative of the old soviet propaganda.

The other thing you might want to experiment with would be the color palette. The Crimson is associated not just with communism, but anger in general. Yeah, I know, you've got a righteous anger. But you don't want to communicate to others that you are a fringe, militant group, and the red closed fist kinda does. Try some different colors and see if you can find others that work. I like the fist, it's a great visual metaphor, and the lettering and cross are clever. If you tone it down just a bit, I think it'll work better.

JimII said...

I will be interested in what the folks who are participating in the group have to say. Frankly, I think coming off as militant and fringe is not bad at all. It should be shocking.

Matt Dick said...

I like this a lot better. Reducing the angular nature of the fist is good. I like the middle one with the purple.