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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Is It Weak to Ask Why?

As I watch the reports about the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, I wondered first why we should treat this as anything other than a mass murder. I know we are not allowed to speak such questions, but why isn't this about an ultra violent organized crime syndicate? If it is because these attacks receive broader support than organized crime, then I would like to know why that is.

I think our law enforcement and intelligence agencies across the world can track down the organization that sponsored these acts of terror, while at the same time we can ask what is the motivation to lead people to given their lives to kill people like us.

This gets back to the Reverend Wright sermon. Without saying that the victims deserved it, what we have done to encourage this response.

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Matt Dick said...

Important in this question is recognizing that the reason this is being done is different from the reason it enjoys a broad(ish) support. In most military action, the reason it is being done (like D-Day or the French Reveolution, for instance) is why it enjoys support. The people who supported D-Day, wanted Europe free from Naziism. The people who support the terrorism in Mumbai, don't want India to invade Pakistan, even though that is likely what motivated the attack.

It's worrisome when those two things are separated.