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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mine is definitely a cup runneth over life. I have had the blessing of a loving supportive family from my childhood to present day. Likewise, professionally I've enjoyed a variety of interesting and challenging experiences. It reminds me of when I asked three-year-old James what his favorite toy was. He said "Um, I don't know either my dinosaurs or my star wars." So, basically he had so many toys that he had to answer the question with two categories of toys. That's kind of how my life is.

I also wanted to post a happy, happy feel good message about how much better things are getting with families in America. I wanted to show the dramatically falling divorce rate since the '70s. Well, here's the graph:

So, you can see that the divorce rate, measured in divorces per 1000 people in the country, has indeed been dropping. Hurray. Saddly, the source also show marriages per 1000 people, and that rate has also been dropping. More quickly than the rate of divorces. Therefore, the reduction in the divorce rate may be entirely the result of the drop in marriages. Raw data here.

I didn't look into rates for different socio-economic groups. It's Thanksgiving.

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