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Friday, March 21, 2008


Did Jesus have to die?

Why couldn't Jesus have lived into old age like the Buddha or Mohamed? I believe he could have, but I believe Christianity would have been different. I believe that for our faith to be the way it is, Jesus had to die. Executed at the high point of his ministry, the profundity of his message was emphasized. His victory over death was magnified. The failure to silence the Christ, even through execution has so shaped our faith that but for it, Christianity would be entirely different.

I do not believe, that Jesus was killed to satisfy a debt or fulfill a prophesy. I think it is a tragedy that Jesus was killed. But through that tragedy, a truth was revealed that may have remained hidden and through that tragedy we became stronger. More & Better from the BBC here.


Josh Gentry said...

I'm reading a really trippy book by Philip K. Dick, _The Divine Invasion_. The premise seems to be that God, Yah, was driven from the Earth by the Adversary after the fall of Masada. Christ was an attempted return that failed at the Crucifixion. Yah has been in a sort of exile since then, worshiped on another world by its non-human inhabitants. When Mankind eventually colonizes that planet, Yah impregnates another virgin, and through her attempts his return to Earth to wrest it back from the Adversary.

JimII said...

Did you read the book about God dying and falling to Earth and a bunch of Merchant Marines towed him to the poll to prevent the rotting of his body?

Josh said...

Yep, _Towing Jehovah_. A recommendation from Luke, I believe.

JimII said...

Right. That was a book that I starting thinking, "What? This seems pretty stupid," and then ended up really liking it.

Josh Gentry said...

_The Divine Invasion_ is a thoughtful book, coupled with the Schizophrenia of the author.