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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Evangelicals Getting it Right


I'm not an Evangelical Christian, but this makes me very happy. This is a story about evangelicals expanding their focus to include more of God's message and how it should impact politics. This quote made me almost giddy:

But one of the board members, the Rev. Paul de Vries, said, "It ought to be God's agenda, not the Republican Party's agenda, that drives us.
"We're actually tired of being represented by people with a very narrow focus," he said. "We want to have a focus as big as God's focus."

Amen, brother. And there is a message here for the Christian Left, we ought to urge government to adopt what we see as God's agenda, not the Democratic Party's agenda.

God calls me to advocate for equality of all people, including people who are gay. God calls me to advocate against the objectification of women in pornography. God calls me to urge people to live a less consumer driven life. Some of these fit nicely with my political party, some don't.

It is only a start, but I am glad to have some Evangelicals back from their momentary lapse into a political party.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Is there such a thing as a moral tax policy?

As a measure supporting my church's effort to grow, I've distributed business cards with discussion starters in a couple of coffee shops. One of the questions is, "Is there such a thing as a moral tax policy?" I think there is.

Particularly a tax code like ours is chock full of moral assumptions. Among those assumptions is that the more wealthy you are the more you afford to pay to support the country.

For more information, I'm about to start reading Part IV of Jim Wallis's God's Politics, titled "Spiritual Values and Economic Justice."

Millions of Foreclosures

I've been fearing an economic collapse for a while. I just saw a story today that said that we can anticipate 1.5 million foreclosures this year. Those foreclosures will flood the market with cheap houses, driving down prices, causing more to be upside down in their houses and thus more foreclosures.


So what happened? My politics drive me to want to blame predatory lenders. But I'm afraid they can only be blamed for giving us enough rope to hang ourselves. I'm afraid the fact is we have too much stuff. We need to consume less, and we are about to have it thrust upon us.